In nature green represents balance, energy, prosperity and positive interaction.

Experiential learning is a motivating, active, challenging process where interpersonal bonding happens; it’s creative with no limit. Time to hack your settings! Start thinking differently, open up, listen, focus, embrace, learn about yourself and others and modify your thoughts and behaviours accordingly.

Giving people the chance “to breathe deeply” and find their way throughout life are one of the major objectives for green experience programs.

The fact is that companies aim for unconditional success and it is essential that company’s have to embrace and develop their employees accordingly.

Being goal oriented, proactive, an effective team player and a good listener are just some examples of the basic expected abilities of a professional. The good news is, we are all equipped with these core abilities and the better news is that these are possible to be improved.

Goodbye “classical lecturing”: now it’s time for playing and reflecting. By using effective experiential learning methodology participants are guided in a physical and psychological safe and joyful environment in which they can try out new things, focus and reflect and most importantly integrate the experience and learning into their work.

dilek polat sesli

Accredited John Adair Action Centred Leadership Trainer
Experiential Training Facilitator

…here are some personal and professional milestones… born in 1970 as the youngest, my family always gave me the feeling, “yes you are welcome in this world and in this family” and this is probably why they named me Dilek, which, in Turkish, means “Wish”.

Looking back I appreciate my parents and 3 brothers supporting me to become an independent, global minded, proactive, curious, respectful and conscious human being, I appreciate the chance to be born and live until the age of 21 in Pfalzgrafenweiler, a little village in Black Forest, Germany. Being half German I am precise, punctual, and a hard worker and being half Turkish I am passionate, flexible and always open to new challenges.
Since 1997 I have been working in the field of Self Awareness & Personal Development, focusing on human behavioural issues.

I started my professional career as a trainer in 1997 at Arthur Andersen as an assistant in the Training Consulting Department, following 2 years at Ernst & Young as a senior consultant, trainer and facilitator. In 2002 I joined the DSM group as a training manager and focused on marketing, designing and running experiential training programs. Since then experiential learning has become a passion and the right methodology to express myself.

Working as a consultant, I have had the chance to work with various global brands, diverse teams and with people at all levels from different businesses. I got the privilege to attend a 2 year psychodrama workshop at the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute, participated the Human Resources Certification Program at the Yildiz Technical University and since 2013 I am an accredited John Adair Action Centred Leadership as well as a certified Youth Mindfulness Trainer. Beside my career as experiential learning facilitator, mindfulness became an important balancing factor and topic which I am practicing since 2014. Hopefully my learning journey will never stop, being curious about Gestalt Therapy, I started a certification program in Humanistic Counselling at the Gestalt Centre in London, aiming to graduate in late 2018.

Within my 20 years of experience I have had the chance to network with various other competent trainers from different countries and nationalities with whom we are running mutual programs. I am capable of running programs in my mother tongues German and Turkish as well as in English.

I am the life partner of Alper and mother of Pamir and Doruk, two great boys, always ready to challenge, fulfil and energise me.


a nourishing, supporting way of living in a hectic stressful world

Year 2014 was the first time I got to hear about MINDFULNESS. Lucky me my first experience of it was a guidance of a very dynamic and experienced facilitator who literally briefed me step by step through this mindful natural state of living. Back then I was much more fact oriented than I am now, meaning I needed proof that this is an effective tool I could use for stress reduction and a more balanced life.

Now, I know it is not only about a short term or long term outcome, but it is about trusting the process, being kind to myself and others and that I simply have to reset, refresh and remind myself about this essential mindful way of living every special breathing moment. I got my own proof that mindfulness can improve physical and mental health and overall well-being but nevertheless truth is it needs practice, practice and more practice.

That’s why I like the saying, “you have to cultivate mindfulness”, in the sense of planting and watering seeds and then tending those seeds as they first take root and grow in the soil of our hearts and then flower and bear fruit in interesting, useful and creative ways (reference “Sitting Still Like a Frog by Eline Snel”).

Getting inspired and feeling motivated, I started to dig more into this “new” way of living and started to recreate and overview priorities in my life. I started to take more time for myself, my personal as well as business duties and relations, started to concentrate more on my needs and started to cultivate mindfulness through regular meditation.

This was and is my way of cultivating mindfulness; December 2015 I took the opportunity to be part of a 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program which again supported my processing of being more mindful instead of just fullfilling ordinary to do lists. Since September 2016 I am a regular member of Giorgina Pontet’s mindful mediation sessions and in addition to my career as an experiential learning faciliator, I joined a train the trainer program in June 2017 at the University of Westminser in London and got certified as a “Youth Mindfulness Teacher” by

I am aiming to get more people interested in mindfulness, children as well as adults. Therefore I will be practicing mindfulness whenever, whereever I can and try my best to encourage others to do so as well in order to relax, reset and refresh themselves.

Beside running mindfulness programs at schools, I am also running mindfulness introduction programs for adults, sharing personal experience and getting more people involved in this practice. Mindfulness is definitely a capacity, that can be developed and deepened.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist Monk and spiritual master says;
“You are here for life and if you are here for life, life will be here for you. It’s simple. Peace is contagious, being simple and happy is contagious. When you practice mindful mediation, you stop being a slave of the past or the future, you get the strength to resist the tendency to be carried away by thoughts and fears. Don’t waste your time with worrying about things that have not or may never happen. Practice meditation so that the three elements of body, mind and breath become one.”

If you are interested in INDIVIDUAL, YOUTH or COOPERATE MINDFULNESS programs, please do get in touch. In my MINDFULNESS programs I do combine experiential learning tools, meditation as well as sharing cyles. I find it important to give information out as well as to give opportunities to share, understand and nourish each other.

Hope you as well will start your mindfulness journey very soon, looking forward to connect.



As green experience we focus on supporting, creating and maintaining mutual better understanding between co workers. Our corporate training services mainly capture
All workshops are run with the experiential learning methodology aiming to address corporate needs and expectations.

Workshops are either 1/2, 1 or 2 day programs with a minimum of 8 up to 20 participants.


These topics are shared to give you a general idea about our corporate workshop range. Please get in touch for tailor-made workshops including pre-assesment, design and post-assesment.


At this experiential interactive workshop participants will get the opportunity to work on their company’s mission, vision and goals as well as on their business initiatives and principles. You can be a new established company as well as the leader of your working area, nevertheless creating or refreshing your common perception is essential and will create a positive corporate mindset and impact.


At this workshop participants will experience and learn the essential ingredients which are necessary for an effective team in a fun way. First we will be focusing on “who we are as a team?” and “what we expect from each other?” as well as “what we can and what we want to achieve as a team?”. Tuckman’s Team Stages will be our guidance and experiential activities will be giving all participants the exclusive opportunity to show off and say at the end of the day “Yes, we rock as a team !”.


Diverse teams mean power and synergy and fact is these diverse teams are a bundle of human beings with very similar needs and expectations. In our global business world, it’s very common that diverse teams work together. Approaching each other with empathy and a better understanding will open up communication channels and strengthen the team collaboration. This special designed workshop is built upon the understanding of ourselves and diverse backgrounds .


John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ or ACL® is one of the best known leadership models in the world. It is used to develop leadership capability and management skills. During this experiential learning workshop participants will get the opportunity to learn basic information about the three interacting circles of the model; “Task - Team - Individual”. During the workshop we will be emphasise on the circles separately as much as on the model itself.


If you are a technical or non-technical trainer or presenter and want to involve participants in an interactive way and make sure that they internalise whatever is shared, than the E.T. Box workshop is just right for you. Using none or very simple equipment participants will be introduced in experiential learning approach as well as major activities to be effectively used for all kind of purposes.


At green experience individual workshops we aim to assist, help and support with our expertise and experiential approach the
self growth and self worthiness of individuals. The ones open to participate will be reflecting their inner world, meaning behaviour traits, habits, thoughts and emotions.

Programs are designed so that individuals get aware and value themselves and take steps to create a healthier self being. We run these programs as open seminars in different locations all over the UK as well as corporate workshops.

- Literally the Art of Knowing Oneself
- Mind Yourself - A joyful Self Exploration Workshop
- To BE vs To DO
- Walk the Talk
- More Empathy Needed

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Greenexperience Individual & Corporate Training Services @expertientialworkshops


Art is a unique universal language to express your own self. For this workshop you do not need special drawing skills but you need to be ready and open to have a closer look into your inner self.
You will get the chance to express yourself by creating your unique piece of art. Under the guidance of an experiential learning facilitator and a professional artist you will be diving into the amazing world of creativity, expression, harmony and balance.
During this experiential workshop, art is serving as a strong tool building the bridge between the known and the unknown about ourselves.
At this joyful and relaxed art oriented workshop you will get the chance to experience and express yourself.


Specially designed self-exploration workshop in which we focus on self-awareness by using experiential learning tools. Everything in life is an ongoing learning process, and knowing about one’s own personality and behavioral traits facilitates this learning process greatly.
Let's take time for more self-care and thinking about ourselves. Let’s dig into thoughts, feelings, behaviors and motivations. Getting a deeper understanding of our inner workings will result in more harmony with oneself, ones family, friends and colleagues. We invite you to a fun-laugh-relaxed workshop where only your well-being, creativity and existence is relevant. We will be sharing guidelines and techniques and letting you express yourself in diverse experiential ways, leading you to a better understanding of yourself.


We all seem to be trapped in our busy overwhelming crazy life. Want to achieve a lot but just feel to exhausted at the end of the day, week, month and year. It feels like a never-ending marathon whereby the finish line is not visible at all. There must be a way to do and most important to be differently. We will be exchanging mindful and reslience ideas and emphasise on “time to take control” and “heighten self awareness” approaches in an experiential way.

Being able to manage the change from not only “doing” but much of “being” will happen with understanding, flexibility and positive approach and mindset.


Communication is a stron and essential way of being. “Walk the Talk” means to be persistent with words and actions. Participants will get the chance to experience their communication styles as well as try new things out. Being more self confident, learn how to listen more carefully and being aware of receiving the right messages without any prejudice frame with help to balance interpersonal relations in business and social environment. Let’s start to “walk the talk!”.


When talking about empathy, it always seems to be an easy topic but really apporaching people, situations with empathy is much more harder than we assume. Coping with the lack of empathy might result to unstability, uncertainity and minor or major issues to be dealt with. This workshop is about empathy levels as well as emotional intelligence to be integrated into daily life. Basics is; relationship dynamics are built upon understanding and being understood. That’s why this workshop is not only about lecturing but mostly interaction and experiencing.
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